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Miscellaneous Service Fees

Below you wil find our current msicellaneous service fees as of September 1, 2011.

  • As of September 1, 2011 the deposit fee for new customers who cannot provide a letter of credit will be $500.
  • For information on late fees please click here.

Service Fees
Consumer Deposit per Account
  Residential  $500.00
  Commercial  greater of $500.00 or estimate of two month's power bill when
 in full operation
 **Deposit may be waived with approved letter of credit
 **Deposit, plus interest, will be applied to customer's account after 12 consecutive months of on time payments
Service Charge (meter installation)
  Normal Business Hours  $25.00 (plus tax)
  After hours  $75.00 (plus tax)
Reconnect Fee (after disconnect for non-payment)
  Normal Business Hours  $50.00 (plus tax)
  After hours  $75.00 (plus tax)
Meter Tampering Fee
  1st Offense  $100.00 (plus tax)
  2nd Offense  $200.00 (plus tax)
 **There may be additional charges for applicable reconnect fees and estimated unmetered power usage
Other Fees
   Meter Fee
  (for stolen or deliberately damaged meters)
 Between $150.00 and $235.00 depending on meter type (plus tax)
  Metal Meter Cover  $7.50 (plus tax)
  Glass Meter Cover  $6.50 (plus tax)
  Meter Test Fee
  (Must be paid in advance)
 $50.00 (plus tax)
  Returned Check Charge  $30.00
  Security Light
 $25.00 (plus tax)
  Trip Charge  $150.00 (plus tax)

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