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Bright Ideas in EducationBright Ideas
Current 2019-2020 Grant Recipients

Buncombe County
Barnardsville Elementary: Lynn Gillespie
Leicester Elementary: Tammy Gregg
North Windy Ridge: Stacie Keitt

Madison County
Brush Creek Elementary: Mandy Sheehan
Madison Early College: Oshen Wallin
Madison High: Neal Lieberman & Rachael Ray
Madison Middle: James Anderson, Michelle Franklin, Thomas Hicks & Don Schiffhauer
Mars Hill Elementary: Holly Massey & Gwen Moore

Mitchell County
Deyton Elementary: Kelli Chapman
Greenlee Primary: Philesia Smith
Harris Middle: Dustin Hughes

Yancey County
Blue Ridge Elementary: Sharleen Wiseman
Burnsville Elementary: Jamie Biggerstaff, Carleigh Burleson & Keli Miller
Cane River Elementary: Christy Deyton & Jenny Martin
East Yancey Middle: Beryl Carroll & Mary Sapp
Micaville Elementary: Karen Fox
Mountain Heritage High: Sarah Laws & Valerie Thomas

For twenty-seven teachers in seventeen schools in the area, Christmas came in early November in the form of a check.  These teachers were awarded funding for the Bright Ideas project proposals they submitted earlier in the fall. They were selected from applications submitted to French Broad EMC for consideration.

The grants, in amounts ranging from $200 to $1,500, will help fund innovative ways to improve classroom instruction.  The grants will purchase supplies that are not affordable through normal school budgets, which typically are strained to meet the basic needs of teachers.


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